UFCW Canada Local 12R24

UFCW Canada Local 12R24 members are encouraged to check out and share the news about www.ontariobeerfacts.ca. It's a new web site that is full of facts that debunk the myths being advanced by convenience stores who want to deregulate alcohol sales in Ontario.

The new www.ontariobeerfacts.ca site is produced by The Beer Store. It gives real answers on the key issues, and shows why deregulating alcohol sales will lead to higher prices and other negative consequences for Ontario.

Over the past several weeks, the Ontario Convenience Store Association has stepped up its efforts to apply pressure to sell beer and alcohol in corner stores and gas stations. In their efforts, they have spread misinformation on issues such as pricing, consumer choice and socially responsible retailing.

www.ontariobeerfacts.ca sets the record straight that despite the claims of the convenience store association, their ideas would result in higher beer prices, fewer choices for consumers, lower government revenues, more access to alcohol for minors and a threat to The Beer Store's world class environmental programs.

Local 12R24 members are encouraged to share the link to www.ontariobeerfacts.ca with their co-workers, friends and social networks.