Collective Agreement and Grievances

Your collective agreement, sets out your wages, benefits, and working conditions.

It is a legal document between The Beer Store and UFCW Local 12R24, and it regulates every part of your employment.

Currently, UFCW Local 12R24 has three collective agreements negotiated with The Beer Store. To determine which collective agreement you fall under, please see below.

For Beer Store Retail, Delivery & Warehouse Employees:

If you are a member working at a Beer Store retail location, or you work in delivery or warehousing, click here to view your collective agreement.

For Beer Store Contact Centre Employees:

If you work at The Beer Store Contact Centre in London, Ontario, click here to view your collective agreement.

A grievance is a bit like a lawsuit.

If you believe the employer has not followed the terms of your collective agreement, call your Union Representative to tell the union about your concern or complaint.

If the union agrees that management has violated the collective agreement, it will defend your collective agreement rights. If management denies that they have violated the collective agreement, the union can take the matter to arbitration.

At arbitration, a neutral arbitrator listens to presentations from both sides. The arbitrator then makes the final decision on the grievance.