London, Ontario – Beer Store Contact Centre workers, Members of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 12R24, voted to ratify their first Collective Agreement!

Legislation to cancel Master Framework Agreement contract will cost 7,000 jobs and billions of taxpayers’ dollars to put beer in corner store

Campbellville, Ont. – May 30, 2019 – The Doug Ford Ontario PC government’s move to cancel the Master Framework Agreement governing beer retailing “is an assault on good-paying jobs and agreements negotiated in good faith,” says John Nock, the president of UFCW Canada Local 12R24, which represents Beer Store employees.

Taxpayer funded resources used to set up website to attack Beer Store workers

Campbellville, Ont.  – May 24, 2019 – UFCW Local 12R24 President John Nock has sent a letter to the Auditor General and Ombudsman of Ontario asking them to investigate the activities of the provincial government in working together with the convenience store industry to lobby for expanded alcohol sales.

Campbellville, Ont. – May 10, 2019 - UFCW Canada Local 12R24 has launched a campaign to raise public awareness about the high costs to beer lovers, communities and taxpayers if Premier Ford continues to use alcohol retailing to distract voters from more urgent problems like health and education cuts.